Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eating Our Way Through Oregon

I am finally getting around to posting more from our Oregon trip to visit my sister in March (and there is still more)!  

One fine and drizzly day, we headed to test out some food trucks.  We quite enjoyed our gourmet Grilled PB&J's.  My sister got the Spicy Thai – challah bread, crispy coconut shrimp,  peanut butter, sriracha, curry, basil, orange marmalade and I got the Smokin Goat  kalamata olive bread, almond butter, bacon, goat cheese, apricot jam.  I LOVED hers the most...seriously the weirdest combo of ingredients, but so delightful together.  I liked mine as well but that Spicy Thai was astounding for the taste buds...I would like to recreate it here some day.  We also got a Brie, Pear, Gorgonzola and Honey crepe that was exceptional.

Next up we tried the Salt & Straw for some strange and delicious ice cream flavors.  I got Cinnamon Snickerdoodle (with cookie pieces in it), Miss B and my sister got Honey Lavender, and my niece got Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper.  So so fun and yummy!  Plus they have thee cutest tiny metal spoons for taste tastes, which is just fun obviously.

Then we crossed off another bucket list item of mine and visited a beautiful tulip festival.  Upon arrival, we got the babes out of the car, bundled up in various strollers and carriers (it was quite chilly) and headed out only to have it start pouring!  The babies were crying and hungry and so we decided to try and wait out the majority of the rain since it was a bit of a hike to the actual tulip fields.  Welllllllll.  It just got rainier.  And so we waited and waited and Miss B and my niece ran around outside and at the gift shop and bought us pretty daffodils in the rain...they didn't mind a little wet.  Then, just about closing time, my sweet sis offered to wait in the van with the kiddies (since she had already been), whilst Miss B and I ran in the rain to see the fields.  So the two of us got soaked and enjoyed the vista and took cold, wet photos.  And we were finishing up, we realized we could have driven directly to the fields!!  We could have enjoyed the view from the van and jumped out quickly for some photo ops. Oh well. C'est la vie.  :)

We also got to see the sea one day...Cannon Beach to be exact.  It was again cold and blustery, but the sea is always so beautiful, even if you're just sitting on a log with a sweet baby.  And it's a great reason to get clam chowder and fish and chips after.  I also forgot how hard it is to tote babes around with bottles and diaper changes and nap times...but we did it all, visited what we wanted and had the best time.

Gosh.  Oregon is my favorite.

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  1. Oh, Lou, I am jealous!!! Look at all those tulips!! And the massive wooden shoes. :~D I am going to have to score me a pair of those. They are bad to the b-b-b-BONE!


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