Monday, May 11, 2015

In Honor of Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was extra special as it was the first time I got to celebrate it as the mother of five! I never thought that was a possibility.  Needless to say, I got very sentimental and looked back through all the photographs and picked out a few to share of me and all my babes. :)  

Yesterday, the kiddos made me many cards and coupons and a special and fabulous lunch.  Hubby cooked dinner and gave me a lovely new sun hat, roses, some mason jar salt and pepper shakers I've had my eye on and a new steam mop (I really wanted one).  However, it wasn't all unicorns and fairy was still a normal day where the kids didn't quite clean the house as well or as fast as I do, they argued and complained and I got a little bugged about the disarray in our house.  But even if life is not always perfection, I am very thankful to be a mother.  My kids are crazy, disobedient at times, messy and they tend to complain and fight here and there...but I guess I do all those things too and I am grown!  And they are also funny, creative, smart, thoughtful and helpful...and I do love them with all my heart and I am proud of the people they are becoming.  Motherhood is definitely not for the faint of is a constant re-evaluation, organization, lots of change, and a bunch and bunch of work...but I wouldn't' have it any other way.  For one thing, holidays would be very boring!


  1. Oh, Lou - your kiddies were SO SMALL! -Just like YESTERDAY!! I always thought adults sounded so idiotic when I would hear them talking like this when I was a child, but now I see the truth of this growing up in a day madness. You are an amazing mommy, Lou. Those 5 little (uh, now BIG) ones of yours are SO blessed to have you...

    1. Thanks T and yes it does go by so so fast as an adult!! I don't really know how either.


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