Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Road Trip for 2015

This summer we got to go on the vacation we had planned for last summer.  Last summer I was too sick and pregnant and we had to postpone.  So we were so excited as we loaded up the van with everything under the sun and headed out for a Canadian adventure.  We drove up through Nevada, Oregon and Washington taking in the beautiful sights of the Northwest.  We made a quick stop at the Columbia River Gorge Hotel to take in the views of the Columbia River and enjoy the grounds while stretching our cramped legs.

Then we continued on to our hotel in Ocean Shores, WA.  It was RIGHT on the beach, so immediately after unloading, we found the beach access path which was magical in and of itself.  We desert-dwellers were giddy as we made our way through bushes taller than ourselves. I totally felt like we were walking through the wardrobe into Narnia.  Eventually, the bushes opened into sea grass blowing in the setting sun.  It was so perfect.  Miss B picked up every strange and wondrous thing she found and wanted to bring a wounded bird back to the hotel in her jacket.  She does love the outdoors, that girl.

The next morning, we continued through Forks to Port Angeles, stopping at a beach for snacks and a break.  The kids went crazy for the giant drift wood logs and spread out exploring and found a little cave/fort.  They didn't want to get back in the car at all.

Q got exceedingly upset because he wanted to be named the first finder of the cool fort they found. He didn't get over it easily.  Life is difficult when everyone claims to have found a fort and they all want to play in it and call it their very own.  It is really, really tough.

Next we visited a GIANT tree that had equally giant parts that had fallen off.  The kids had a good time using it as a playground.  Wes had a great time tasting the bark.  Then we hiked through The Hall of Mosses in a rain forest, saw beautiful Lake Crescent and a field of wild daisies, played in a stream and hiked to a waterfall.  And that baby backpack came in EXTRA handy!  We got a lot of double takes as people would walk by and see a backpack with a baby head poking out.  Ha! 


  1. Just beautiful! Those trees are amazing and I love the pic of Wes eating the bark, totally what mine would have done. Can't wait to see the rest of your trip!

  2. Oh, Lou, you guys always go on such fun vacations and adventures. And what fantastic pics!! I love the outdoors, too - especially waterfalls and beaches. *sigh* Since you are packing everything under the sun, you may as well pack me next time, too. ;~)

  3. P.s. Did ya smoke any of those 'shrooms, Lou? What was it like? :)


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