Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fourth of July Away From the Heat

Last year a friend took her kids' photos against this awesome flag wall and I wanted to for sure with my kids this year. So finally on the night of the 3rd of July as the sun was setting (and we had a spare moment), we pulled up and had the kids jump out for a few snaps. We barely barely had enough light and it was a chaotic, crazy time trying to get there in the first place. I was frazzled and frustrated trying to get everyone dressed and ready and willing to participate. Sheesh. We almost didn't make it but I'm glad we did. Frazzled or not. 

The next morning we decided to wake up at 4:30 am and head to Prescott for the cooler temps and a pancake breakfast and parade for the 4th.  The pancake breakfast was so fun especially because one of our favorite Curious George books is all about a pancake breakfast for charity. :) We got two pancakes, an egg patty (surprisingly delicious), sausage and orange juice. Next we found a good parade watching spot and set up camp!

Dennis loved all the cowboy stuff like the horses, whip cracking, tractors and buggies.  Q loved getting the candy and other handouts and waving at everyone.  Oh and he touched a giant yellow snake but still doesn't believe me that it was real! Also Mr. C was there but lately he is super camera shy.  Sigh...

After a hot, but superb parade, we stopped off in the woods for a picnic on our way back home and I taught the kiddies how to smell the Ponderosa Pine bark.  My dad always had us smell the trees when I was growing up to see if they smelled like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.  People think I'm nuts, but seriously...go try it.  Some trees don't smell as sweet as others and it's usually better with bark that's really separated.  Also, go ahead and stick your nose right in one of the crevices...ahhhh it's the best.

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  1. I'm going to be sniffing me some bark next time I have the chance. Perhaps it'll give me a bit of a buzz to boot. ;~)


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