Friday, July 24, 2015

Learning To Crawl

I came across these sweet photos while sifting through the endless amount I have to sift through lately.  These were taken when he was learning to scoot and crawl one Sunday after church and he was looking especially handsome (right around six months old).  Also, I'd been wanting pictures with him for the longest time so we ran out and snapped a few before the sun set completely.  I was a little ornery with the situation and didn't think we got any acceptable ones, but turns out I was wrong!  I have been a little upset with how fast he's growing up and I didn't really get any photos with he and I when he was I have been on a mission to get some before he gets any bigger.  And gosh he's getting big fast. 

I think it is so very important to be in pictures, both with and without your kids.  Time zips by ridiculously fast these days.

1 comment:

  1. He sure is a handsome little dude, Lou! I especially love his smile. He's a real ladies' man. ;~)


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