Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back to School Picnic Breakfast

It happened again!  School.  Man, not much longer and they'll be gone. :(

This year we had a Back to School Picnic Breakfast.  We had muffins and fruit in little picnic boxes and then had apple juice and eggs to round it out.  I made a lined paper muslin bag with red Sharpie for the dotted lines and a blue one for the straight lines and added their initial with a silver Sharpie.  I filled them with tissues, chap stick and a ruler.  Also, I was so excited because I gathered enough flowers and greenery from my yard to make a small wildflower arrangement...which is no small feat considering how hot it is and how everything is pretty much dead and crispy.  Also, oregano makes for a great filler!

We had a Family Home Evening lesson on Marvin J. Ashton's talk, The Measure of Our Hearts - hence the rulers and measuring tape ribbon.  So our quote this year was "The measure of our hearts is the measure of our total performance." It's an excellent talk and our discussion went pretty good considering how they usually go...with only minimal fighting and interruptions. :)


Miss B is a sophomore this year (sheesh) and showed up to the first day with an almost identical outfit as her best friend...so funny!  Mr. C is in 8th, Dennis in 5th and Q in 1st...and they matched a bunch of people but I'm assuming that's because of the uniforms. ;)  It's almost obligatory for moms to lament the quick passing of time with their children...but it's so true! Sigh.

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