Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beach Combing

We spent Labor Day weekend in California, scouting for beaches.  We went to three different ones and loved them all for varying reasons.  Huntington was great for boogie boarding, digging in the sand and playing in the waves.  WP discovered sand for the first time and loved it immensely (except when he rubbed it in his eyes).  He also discovered waves and loved them even more...he would kick and squeal when each one came rolling in.  And I realized I somehow got almost zero photos of Q...but he was there and having the time of his life!


Little Corona Del Mar was beautiful (albeit crowded...although you can't tell by the pictures).  Miss B thinks she is an explorer and set off on her own looking in tide pools and ultimately ended up climbing around the edge of the cliff-face (to another beach) in a skirt and sandals.  We didn't know where she had gone and had to send out Dad for a search and rescue.  He ran into some strapping young men, who fetched her back.  They were impressed that she climbed around the cliff and didn't get wet...she was just happy to chat with some good looking California boys.  :)  She was not happy to get a stern discussion on ocean safety and not being alone.  Phew.  She's always up for adventure, that one.

Balboa beach had the most intense, powerful waves I have ever seen.  They were outrageous and beautiful.  We couldn't really swim though, just stand about knee-waist deep as they crashed in.  The waves were so powerful, the kids could sit on the sand as one was coming in, and it would push them up the sandy slope!  The sea foam that was left was so amazing and was my favorite.  WP mostly sat with me, or roamed in the sand in his sweats (so as to reduce the amount of sand that ended up on his diaper rash- poor babe).  

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  1. We have been to the Corona del Mar beach a couple of times - SUCH a great beach! You guys do such fun things together. You have GOT to stop going on vacations without me, Lou! The places you go are just gorgeous! Your drawings of stick figures over the buried bodies is such a clever idea. HAH! And those waves ARE huge. DUDE. What a blast!


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