Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Boy Fashion

I have been contributing to Fly Little Guy (an all-boys fashion blog) for almost two years now.  I've had a blast dressing all of my boys.  Currently, the babe has stolen the show.  Here are some of his pictures from the last few of my posts from 7-10 months approximately.  He is still so much fun for all of us, although he is beginning to unload cupboards and climb on things...we may be in for some trouble.  

At ten months, he has six teeth, does NOT care for eggs in any way shape or form.  I am about 87% sure he can say more, dog, mama and dada. He says uh oh with perfect clarity. It's adorable.  He loves baths and water and outside.  He will stand at the sliding glass door and stare at the dog on the other side and they will both whine at each other because they desperately want to trade places.  He is not as great of a sleeper as he was when he was a newborn, which is we are working on that.  I think it has something to do with the new teeth.  He is an excellent plane traveler and just falls asleep for the whole thing.  He's been on five planes and done just that each time. Which endears him to the entire plane for obvious reasons.  And he is still very happy and good-natured for the most part.  Babies are the most magical thing ever invented.

I made a quick knotted beanie out of an old shirt for this one...and he was supremely tired for the photoshoot....but look at those cheeks!  Kissable.

Modeling bibs is good times...

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  1. He is just so perfect Erika, a getting so big. Why does it go so fast??


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