Monday, October 26, 2015

Missing Minnesota

I had the chance to visit one of my greatest friends a few weeks ago in Minnesota.  We had such a grand time visiting old favorites, chatting and playing with babies.  She has a baby boy just older than my babe and five kids just like me so we always have lots of ideas to share and woes and questions.  I love talking to her and getting away for a bit and I LOVE Minnesota...especially in the fall.  

We went to Como Zoo and Conservatory (I have some very fond memories of taking young Miss B and Mr. C here, especially during the winter months), a beautiful apple orchard where I took loads of photos, and Minnesota's Largest Candy Store...which was awesome and completely overwhelming.  It is also a puzzle store...a big one.  There are puzzles hidden in every single nook and cranny.  We also hit up some great restaurants and got the most beautiful and delightful mango passion-fruit macaron.  Seriously I am still dreaming about it.  We also went on a few glorious walks in beautiful weather and gathered a nice collection of acorns to bring home because we are lacking in giant acorns in the desert.  It was dreamy.  Her kids are so fun and played with WP for hours.  It was just what I needed.  And reality hit like a ton of bricks when I got home.  Sigh.  


  1. Ah, Lou, what FUN! I need to take me a trip by myself and visit one of MY friends! ;) I LOVE the lily pad pics, girl!

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