Friday, October 9, 2015

Phoenix Temple Pictures

I've been wanting to take pictures of the new Phoenix Temple for many months.  As with most things I want to do, I kept waiting for that perfect moment when the stars align...and then I realized that was never going to happen and I just had to go and do it.  So I grabbed the three little boys and drove out after school for an adventure because the clouds were spectacular and so puffy.  It was a hectic day, but we did it anyway and had a lovely afternoon.  I even had the boys take their homework on the way.  Dennis pushed WP around the grounds and played with him on the grass.  Q sat peacefully on a bench catching up on his reading homework.  And I snapped happily away.  It was all so beautiful. 

I especially love simple moments where everything is beautiful and glowing and happy.  And this was definitely one of them...I am so glad I made it happen that day. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I love the one of the Angel Moroni! Those clouds are beauitful!


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