Friday, October 23, 2015

Simple Art Birthday Party

Q turned seven years old.  He is an art fanatic so we thought it only fitting to put together a simple art shindig.  It turned out swell.  And was super simple.

For the "cake", I made an edible artist palette.  I bought store-bought chocolate chip cookie dough and cooked it on a circle pizza pan.  Then I cut out a hole for the artist palette handle and put different colored frosting as paint around the edges.  It was sooooo easy and impressive. I wish (kinda) that I had made homemade cookie dough as it would have been a bit thicker, buuuut it came together so quickly that I don't feel too bad about it.

We had a few different activities including:

1.  I lined the table with brown kraft paper and let them color while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Easiest activity ever and they LOVED it.  They could have colored for a lot longer, but I stopped them after about ten minutes to continue with the next thing. 

2.  Next we painted mini canvases on tiny easels.  We put each kid's initial on a tiny canvas and let them paint around it and then peeled off the sticker when they were finished.  

3.  Painting rocks was a hit...especially the googly eyes.  I love seeing the kids' individual creativity.

4.  We decorated cupcakes with sprinkles, different color frosting and gold glitter candy.

5.  The funnest activity was probably blowing watery paint all over a paper with straws.  Each design turned out so different and the kids loved it.

For favors, I sent the kids home with a mustache (for the inner artist in them), a paint set and a colorful sucker.  Easy and simple from start to finish...and now my boy's growing up.  


  1. That cookie with frosting on the art palette is a BRILLIANT idea. BRILLIANT!

  2. This Simple Art Birthday Party is lovely. I love this idea. It is quite budget friendly party. I really love art parties and also hosted one last year on my son’s 5th birthday at one of the best venues San Francisco. We had blasting time there!


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