Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Birthday Doll.  Where did the time go?  I know I am hard on you at times, but really you are a joy and super fun to talk to (most of the time).  You are beautiful and very mature and wise for your age.  Also you are one of the most sarcastic, sassy pants I've ever come across.  I am proud to call you mine.  Although driving with you still scares me silly.  Maybe we should wait until you are 20ish to have you drive or  


  1. 16??? She was barely born just a few months ago! In fact, I remember you being pregnant with her and abandoning me at Christensen's to go work at Sears because they offered you insurance. Who needs that?? ;~) I remember coming over to your place right after she was born. She was the sweetest little angel. And I remember holding her in Sunday School and R.S. until my arm ached and I thought it would fall off. 16... WOW! Happy birthday, sweet girl!


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