Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Avengers Family Costumes

Halloween 2015 is in the books.  It was successful and we finished in time and even had a special guest appearance.   We decided on The Avengers and of course Stan Lee had to make his cameo appearance.  

From L-R we have Dennis as Hawkeye, me as Black Widow, WP as Captain America, Q as Thor, Mr. C as Stan Lee and Miss B as Scarlet Witch.

For costumes, we mostly gathered things we had, found a few things at thrift stores and bought a couple of useful items that would be needed like Dennis' black jeans and my black pants.  We only had to make a few things.  I painted WP's shirt with a metallic craft paint.  I just taped off the design and let it dry in between.  I also made Dennis' jacket out of an old karate uniform.  I added a zipper to the front and cut and hemmed the sleeves.  It turned out great and I was super proud of my efforts!  Miss B made Thor's entire costume (other than the hammer which I made out of foam, tape and spray paint).  She also made Cap's shield out of a frisbee and foam.  We attached elastic straps to it so he could wear it strapped to his back all night.  It was the cutest ever.  I used simple red hair spray for my red hair and actually kind of loved it...other than the super crunchy factor.

I also may or may not have (accidentally) super glued part of Mr. C's mustache to his poor face.  I was trying to keep his mustache attached to the sticky part and some super glue got away from me. Eeeeek!  He says he's done with mustaches for awhile.


Annnnnd in earth-shattering news...we got dad to dress up with us too, as Tony Stark!  Usually he is super shy about the whole thing, but he did it just for us.  It was a last minute decision and it was super fun! I LOVED it.   Hope you had a Happy Halloween.  I've been sick for four days because of too much candy around these parts.


  1. You guys look so awesome, glad I got to see some of you in person! And your hubby dressing up, so awesome!! :)

  2. Lou. You are a magician. A MAGICIAN, I tell ya! I'm amazed at how much work you go to for such things, but the costumes are seriously impressive. And I have NO idea where you come up with your ideas on how to embellish or tweak things so they are just right.

    And...I actually kinda like your hair like that. I really makes your eyes and eyebrows really pop. Has your hair been this long for a while and I just didn't notice it until the red makeover?

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