Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rustic Cabin Birthday Party

For WP's first birthday bash, I chose a sweet little wintry, cabin theme...because he's only one and I can pick right now...which is so wonderful.  And actually, I've been planning on using this type of theme since he was born!  Luckily there were so many decorations out there this year that matched perfectly.  Target had the awesome banner and the most fun paper straws you've ever seen!  They have paper deer antlers sitting at the top of the straw.  Seriously- who comes up with these wonders at Target??  I made some cool 3-D tree cookies with cookie cutters from Ikea and we ate cookies, hot cocoa and cake after our lasagna (because WP LOVES lasagna). He finally dug into his smash cake after carefully picking at the raspberry and whipped cream at the top, but then he really went to town and I had to scrub his highchair for 30 minutes the next day and spray it off with a hose.


I took him out for a little photo shoot in the cotton fields one day and he fell in love with eating dirt clods and wasn't very pleased when I took them away or made him leave- but he sure loves that trapper hat and giggles when I put it on his head!  His little one year old self is so charming these days.  He loves fleece blankets and will find them in the laundry room and begs until I give him one and then he says "ohhhhh" and cuddles into it in the most heart-warming manner in the universe.  He is walking really well too.  He started at about 11 months during Thanksgiving.  He was motivated by brooms and dogs (a couple more of his favorite things).  He is still really tall for his age and in the 95th percentile and becoming more average for weight as he slims down with all of his walking.  Gosh we like him lots and lots which is good, because he is starting to make more and more messes and keeping me very busy!


  1. That's trappers hat is BAD-to-the-bone. Or should I say PLAID-to-the-bone?? ;~) Such a stylin' little dude. Give him a birthday kiss for me.

  2. Your spirit and personality will PARTY always be young even though your body may be protesting on its prolonged use. Happy Birthday!

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