Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I've had a few frustrating days lately.  I think I have allowed myself to get into some negative habits...which have seeped into my job as a mother.  I don't like that and it makes me even more frustrated. And instead of trying to blame my negative feelings on everything under the sun, I finally realized a lot of it had to do with simply my own attitude.  I have not been blogging a lot lately and while on one hand, I have felt more free in my time, I have also missed the journaling aspect.  I really enjoy getting my thoughts out and thinking things through. So with that, I am going to try and be more patient (but firm), deliberate in my actions wth regards to parenting, stay positive and enjoy and embrace the small things as well as blog more often! Here's to a more pleasant me. And because I really love lists and accomplishing them, I will add the list that's been hanging out in my head of things to do around the house. I've already finished or started a few of them!

My GOALS for the year
Say something uplifting to each family member every day. 
Make a family motto. 
Keep a gratitude/blessings journal.
Read scriptures daily. 
More consistent family scripture study. 
Schedule temple attendance. 

Add board and batten to dining room and paint.
Get a new system for bills. 
Go through stuff and organize.
Paint entry hall and doors.
Add collage to master bedroom.
Move silhouettes above piano (in oval frames) with a quote on chalkboard. 
Hang hall collage. 
Build shelves in family room. 
Order blog book. Work on at least two more. 
Project life- scrapbook with app and/or with physical photos. 
Implement "The List" for kids devices. 
More smoothies and jumping jacks in my life. 
Make better afterschool snacks and lunches. 
Work on garden and bonus room. 
Plant a peach tree. 
Paint front door and fix trim on the outside. 
Paint pantry door. 


  1. Although I envy your goal-setting and achieving, I don't envy the lengthy list of your goals. If I set more than 2 or 3 goals, I'm liable to poop in my pantyhose for all the stress it brings me.

  2. yay! I'm so glad you blog! and I'm stealing a few of your goals. My only goal I made at the new year was survive this awful pregnancy. But as soon as I get him out, I'm setting some real goals. I love yours! and your daughters prom dress....BEAUTIFUL!!!! She's so cute! Seems like she was just 8. Oh wait, she was when we lived there. haha.

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