Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Day My Baby Went to Prom

My baby up and went to prom on me!  She is far too grown up these days.  Sigh...  

She had so much fun though and it was a blast getting together with all of the aunts, grandma and my cousin (who did her hair and makeup).  We laughed and laughed as she got beautified.  

She went with a friend in my hometown so we traveled up for the date.  We had been wanting to take the kids tubing and so took the opportunity to do that on Friday before the dance.  The kids and dad went up the mountain to the ski resort and had a blast night tubing.  There was even a conveyor belt to get back up the hill, they just hopped on and rode all the way up!  They all LOVED it- the tubing, the pretty snow, the conveyor was epic.  I stayed back with the babe and hung out with family which was great for me as well.

On Saturday, Miss B started the day paint balling for the day date and then had Thai food for dinner.  The dance was in a car dealership's ballroom and she said they had a live band complete with saxophone and piano even.  She was in a great group and enjoyed getting to know them as she'd never met them before.  She loved the entire thing!  It was so surreal helping her pin on the boutonniere, take prom pictures and send her off.  It literally feels like I was going to prom a few years ago.  It's so cliche, but time certainly speeds by when it comes to your wee babes! We were also QUITE worried about finding a dress but we ended up with a perfect one (after a little creativity and a sewing machine)!

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