Monday, April 4, 2016


We went to Disneyland in February.  It was as magical as usual. :)

Miss B met Thor (WP and I traveled to Asgard with was epic, also Thor is super tall).  We had a blast in all our favorite places and rode all the good rides (the new Star Wars Space Mountain was epic).  We worked the Fast Passes expertly, Miss B, WP and I watched a Tangled play, and we each enjoyed some of our favorite treats.  I enjoyed a rest at my favorite spot in New Orleans Square which I always try to sneak in. We also finally got to experience Cars Land and goodness it's cute.  I LOVED it.  The Radiator Springs Racers ride was fabulous and the whole set up was stinkin' adorable.  Disney sure knows how to work the themes!  Q finally got the courage to ride the big roller coaster (California Screamin') and then didn't want to do anything but that the entire rest of the trip!  Goodness.  WP enjoyed the carousel, naps wherever he could get them and snack time.  Actually he loved it all.  He's a pretty easy going kid.  Except for the gorilla we encountered on the Tarzan Tree House. One time whilst the big kids and dad went on the Indiana Jones ride, I decided to literally RUN up the tree house holding a hefty baby and a camera.  I was afraid the family would return quickly, but I don't know what I was took ages for them to return.  Anyway, WP really didn't like the gorilla.  It scared him silly.  And then my poor calves were sore for days I tell ya.  It was a blessed, busy, tiring two days.  



  1. That looks like such a fun trip, I can't wait to see Cars Land!

  2. Lou! I was beginning to think you had abandoned blogging altogether. Phew! Your DL pics and narratives made me GREEN with envy. Oh, how I miss DL! Isn't Cars land the best?!

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