Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Four Sons

I never really thought I would have four sons!  But how fun they are.  They are full of endless energy, they are all pretty thoughtful and are as different as can be.  They can drive me absolutely nuts and make me laugh hysterically.  We found ourselves without Dad and Miss B one day and so went to tackle a hike and picnic and play in the water.  WP flipped out when we came upon a small stream and never ever wanted to leave.  He got soaked and had the time of his life throwing sand and little rocks and wading in the perfect baby-sized stream. 

Lately as the kids have gotten older, life has gotten more and more hectic and crazy with all the various events and activies.  I hope I can remember these times of crazy fun though, because even though they are tiring and taxing...I know I will miss these little messy, loud and fun boys of mine.


  1. How fun! I love nature hikes/trails. They are good for what ails ya. Brian and I did a delightful little trail hike on Memorial Day that I'm sure you'd love and is easy enough for kids. And if you were ever on FB you would see the glorious pictures that I posted thereto. ;~)


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