Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Life Moves ReallyFast

I can't seem to keep up on blogging lately, mostly because Instagram is so much quicker and I suppose that makes me either very lazy or good at prioritizing...you decide. :) 

The last few months we've visited family, enjoyed some great hikes and scenery, had Easter, watched an air show and had Mother's Day.  That should get me caught up a little more than I was.  And I can cross one more thing off my list...which I love because I hate checklists with nothing checked off!  I kept thinking that when summer rolled around, I would get so many projects accomplished and get caught up but it's been more like the opposite.  While we can sleep in longer and have free time here and there, it does seem like a mad run from one thing to the next.  Camps, vacations, weekend drives to escape the heat and packing and unpacking have kept us all pretty busy.  I've decided that life doesn't slow down.  You either have to adapt and get better at running and fitting it all in...or I guess the stuff that doesn't really matter falls behind (like capturing all those dust bunnies under my bed and organizing my closet and garage).  

Some friends invited us to watch the Luke Air Show from their parent's front yard and it was really cool!  The Thunderbirds flew right over our heads!  It was awesome!!

The kids and hubby spoiled me this year for Mother's Day.  As usual!  I got a mini spaceship, aka composter for my garden...I am so excited!  Dennis and I put it together and it was a beast but we did it!  It is fabulous and so much easier to mix than the kiddie pool and shovel I have been using.  The kids bought me all of my favorite treats and I also got new curbing in the backyard!! We are implementing a new backyard plan that includes a pergola, a garden, a fire pit and lots of new shrubs and plants to make my backyard a lush paradise--at least that's the plan (cross your fingers).  Of course it will have to be on hold until it cools off again.  

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  1. Your new compost machine looks like some kind of weird cross between a round coffin and a raffle machine. :~P I should like to come and see your backyard once it is all done. And then you can do mine... :)

    Give Easterly (WP) a kiss for me. He is my Easterly Easter Bunny. After I went through the pics of our pool day, I decided that I have to agree with your mom... He has a cute little bunny smile with bunny teeth. I love him and I miss him...

    Looks like you had some fun hikes in St. Geezy with some very lovely scenery.


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