Monday, August 29, 2016

Back To School Breakfast: Advice From a Tree

My babes started school on the first day of August and I'm just remembering I never posted about it! I was kind of in denial because I didn't want summer to end.  But it did anyway which is a bummer because we were having fun.  Anyway, I prepared their traditional Back to School Breakfast and had it set out the night before.  This year's theme was Advice From a Tree.  We also read Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and discussed how serving others (vs. selfishness) brings true and lasting happiness.  

It was a whirlwind morning because as I was making apple pie baked apples for their breakfast, I had a very strong and strange case of vertigo- which has never happened.  So I tried desperately to regain my control over the universe and dad drove the carpool.  Miss B drives Mr. C as well as three other neighborhood kids to high school and back every day so they took care of themselves. EEEEEEK! So nice for me but maybe say a little prayer that they make it there and back safely.  Gosh it's scary business having a kid old enough to drive!

Q broke his arm on our last summer outing whilst falling out of a swing.  The boys had been doing swing tricks and alas...Q's arm was the only casualty.  Although we didn't realize it was in fact broken  for a whole week, because he's one tough cookie!  He got a cast after his first day of school and gets it off today in fact!  

For breakfast, we had apple turnovers, apple pie baked apples (you just scoop out an apple, fill it with apple pie filling and put on a little crust- so yummy!), apple cider and eggs.

advice from a tree:

stand tall and proud
remember your roots
be content with your natural beauty
drink plenty of water
go out on a limb
enjoy the view
-ilan shamir

And for some unknown reason (I'm blaming it on the rogue vertigo), I only took single pics of the two big kids that day.  I must've had wonderful intentions of catching the other two after school and we can see how well that happened!


  1. You are THEE BEST mom (and writer/blogger) this world has ever known. I love that "Advice from a tree" thing. I have never heard that before. I'm posting it on FB. :~D

  2. What a fun theme, you are so creative! Thanks for being such a great mom and creative friend so I can steal your ideas, 2nd back to school dinner this year for us! :) I'm not brave enough to have a back to school breakfast like you are but I loved how it came together and all the pics, your kids are growing up so fast!

  3. Aw, such a brave kid he is I cannot even imagine going through something like this without sobbing every minute and I am 23 now.

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