Friday, September 23, 2016

A Boy and His Red Cast

Once upon a time (way back in July), Q fell off the swing whilst trying to do fancy tricks.  He scraped his face pretty badly and we were all more concerned with that than anything.  So I gave him an ice pack and washed off the dirt and checked his bumps and bruises...little did I know he broke his poor arm!  And we wouldn't know until a whole week later after he kept babying it and I figured something must be wrong...also his wrist bone looked to be a little lost.  I was right.  He had a nice little fracture plus a bent bone and the doctor was so amazed at how tough he was.

We got him a cast forthwith and he chose his favorite color-red!  He was so pleased in fact with the beautiful red, he told us he didn't want it signed.  In his own words, "It is too precious of a red".  It took him awhile to get used to it and would swing his arms as normal, only to clock himself smartly in the head with his hard red cast.  He learned pretty quickly to stay out of its way!

He wore the cast for 4 weeks and then a brace for another 4.  He was so excited to get it off and wash his stinky arm!  He was done with the brace the day before his baptism...which was perfect timing (more on that later).

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  1. your story telling style is very interesting and captivating. I will be waiting for the next part of the story in your next post.


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