Friday, September 30, 2016

Things to Do in Portland and Surrounding Areas

In May (yes I am behind and way out of order), WP and I flew to Oregon and met up with my mom to attend my brother-in-law's graduation from Optometry school.  We picked up our rental car and drove directly to the Columbia River Gorge Hotel for lunch.  It was FABULOUS!  The gardens at the hotel are breathtaking...I've been there two times before and it's awesome to look at the little stream, the foliage and the waterfall cascading off the back into the gorge. Our table sat in a room full of windows looking over the River.

After lunch, we drove around a bit and shopped a little in a cute little town before heading up to Multnomah Falls.  We oohed and ahhed about the falls and the moss and green everywhere before checking out the lodge.  It was rustic and there was a giant fire crackling in an even more giant fireplace.  And the best part was the dining room which had a glass ceiling so you could view the falls while eating.  We decided to stay for dinner. :)  I've been to Multnomah many, many times and never eaten there or even knew it was a possibility.  It was a lovely experience.



Next up was the graduation and I was the designated babysitter during the ceremony...which was great because I wandered around with my two nieces and WP and we took flowers of the rhododendrons and chased squirrels and generally enjoyed ourselves while we waited.  After the graduation, we drove to the beach although I didn't take many great photos.  We grabbed some yummy clam chowder and had a picnic on the beach while my mom took WP too jump in the freezing ocean waves.  He LOVED it and got soaked but never wanted to stop!

We also went strawberry picking- hood strawberries to be precise. They are so sweet and delicious.  I managed to stay stain-free even though I wore a white shirt and light jeans (probably not the smartest idea).  Then my mom and I and WP drove around some beautiful country, took pictures and found a yummy bakery.  It was all so peaceful and such a great trip.  We ended things off with a trip to the Rhododendron Garden in Portland before our flight home.


  1. Lou! I thought we had a talk about you going to these luxurious destinations and not inviting me!! I'm going to beat you like a red-headed step-child next time we meet. Don't think I won't!

    On another note, what are those muffin things growing on that tree stump? And isn't Antoinette growing up into quite the little lady! Oh, my!

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