Friday, October 7, 2016

The Rest of May

As I'm looking back through pictures and trying to get caught up, I realized May was a very busy month!  I went to Oregon, Mr. C had his 8th grade promotion, Miss B went to prom and Dennis had another birthday!  It seems I'm continually "catching up"...I don't think I'll ever be completely caught up.  It's busy round these parts.

WP and I were the only ones able to go to the promotion, as Dad just started a new job and couldn't take time off and everyone else was in school.  It was really great though and Mr. C's math teacher got up and awarded him an Outstanding in Math award.  He talked about how smart Mr. C was and how diligent and hard working he was and went on and on praising my son very eloquently.  I got choked was a very happy and proud moment for a mother...especially because I love math! :)  Afterward we went for a celebratory lunch at Sonic and a trip to the library as requested.  He's an easy fellow to please.  

Miss B went to another prom with a cute kid from church.  They had a total blast and it was so much fun taking pictures and helping her get ready.  Annnnd she looks way too I keep saying it seems.  We found a couple of awesome dresses for a steal and just had to do a little modifying-but not much.

Dennis turned 11 and we had friends over for a fire and games in the greenbelt.  We cooked mini apple/berry pies in these awesome pie irons we have.  You use bread as the crust and fill it with any kind of filling...sweet or savory and drop it in the fire for a couple of minutes.  We sure love this quiet guy who is so kind-hearted and a great friend to everyone.

So, there is the rest of May for you.  In a nutshell.

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  1. That's right. I forgot. You LIKE math. How is it even possible to put the word "like" and "math" in the same sentence?? Lou. I had thought you were perfect. Until now. Just know that the Lord believes in repentance, he has provided a way, and there is an escape from the awful hell - also known as math - which currently holds you in its clutches. And poor Mr. C. is following in your footsteps! Aaaak! That'll count doubly against you in the blistering hot land of H.E. Double Hockey Sticks...

    I love the pies, though, Lou. I remember doing those whilst camping at night and they were just delicious. They always hit the spot.

    And my young idol, Miss B, looks quite stunning, as always. Pour a little more sass into that tank of hers right quick. She's still got a ways yet before she catches up to me and Darth (Darlene). ;)

    Thanks again for the fun party and basket exchange, Lou!!


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