Thursday, November 10, 2016

Harry Potter Halloween

Halloween was SUCH fun!  We dressed up as Harry Potter characters and everyone had a great time getting into character.  We did a lot of thrift shopping and making things out of what we already had available.

Miss B made custom wands for everyone.  She used dowels, chopsticks, paint, hot glue, wooden balls, tape, and sculpey clay. They turned out AMAZING!  From L-R the wands belong to Harry, Draco, Ron, Fleur, Moody, Trelawney and Professor Lupin.

Mr. C was Professor Moody and he looked so awesome.  We just used an old trench coat that we had already, black shirt and pants, a dirty grey/blonde shaggy wig and the sweet eye patch I made out of a ping pong ball, a leather cuff, some elastic and a plastic bottle cap.  

I was Professor Trelawney and it was a blast!  I gathered some items from my closet, my mom and thrift stores and put my hair in tiny braids the night before.  Then I hair sprayed and ratted it out as much as possible.  I wore coke bottle gag glasses and couldn't really see out of them at all, but they looked legit!

Miss B was Fleur Delacour and we lucked out and found a dress at Goodwill that I took in to fit her better.  We spray painted a straw hat blue and glued the side up and added a ribbon.  We also lucked out and found fabric that matched the dress perfectly and I whipped up a little capelet for her.

We got Dad to dress up again this year and he was Professor Lupin.  He wore a tweed jacket and neutral shirt and tie and we drew on some scruff and scars and a little mustache!  

Q was our very own Harry and he looked SO great!  His costume was super easy.  We borrowed the robes and tie, I bought the glasses, made a quick scarf and spray painted his hair black.  We added a lightning bolt scar, a white shirt, black pants and black shoes.  Easy!

Dennis was Draco Malfoy and I borrowed Gryffindor robes and pinned on a green lining and Slytherin patch to make it Slytherin.  We spray painted silver stripes onto a green tie and he wore a dark sweater vest and black pants.  Of course the slicked back white hair finished it off. :)

WP was Ron.  We first had him in Ron's R sweater but decided he didn't look Ron enough and whipped him up a mini cape, sweater vest (I made out of an old sweater of Mr. C's), a tiny scarf and a rat!  We also painted his hair with watered down orange acrylic paint.

We can't wait for Halloween you have any ideas??


  1. If there was ever a more clever or talented girl on this planet, then I would be jiggered. You guys look freaking rad! I have been wanting to do a group-themed thing for Halloween for my little Zebra family. I just need an idea! I need you to live nearby! (That way I will also know when you are planning your trips so I can invite myself along!🤗)

  2. Halloween is no doubt going to be one of the biggest gatherings of all Harry-fans because of the big number of character costumes available. Car Insurance for Classic Car


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