Monday, July 10, 2017

Another Disney Success

We had an awesome trip to Disneyland in March.  It POURED on us the first day in California miserable, wet and cold rain.  Luckily Landon ran allll the way back to the hotel to get ponchos and more clothes/jackets so we could manage the rest of the wet day.  Other than that it was magical watching WP take it all in.  He loved it and did really well.  It was quite a bit busier than we'd anticipated but we still had a great time.

Highlights included:

1. Trying new food such as beignets, po' boy, mint juleps and dole whip
2. Walkie talkies that Mr. C brought and were super helpful
3. WP meeting Mickey and Pluto and being beside himself
4. Miss B meeting Pocahontas, Chewie and Gaston...she was also beside herself
5. Riding Star Wars with the boys 
6. Listening to Q tell me every curve and detail of Splash Mountain as if it was my first time
7. Mr. C and Landon coordinating Fast Passes like geniuses
8. Watching a play with Miss B and WP
9. Finding Q when he got lost for a little bit (yikes)


  1. I love WP's face in front of the castle! LOL! How cute. And everyone in their Disney threads - FESTIVE!
    LOU! We have GOT to have a joint family vacation one of these times, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

  2. Oh My God!Disneyland is every girl's dream,I have been watching Disney movies since my childhood.Disneyland is on the top in my bucket list.

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