Thursday, June 22, 2017

Flower Crowns and Spa Days

I took a BIG break from blogging and while it has freed up a bit of time, I do so miss it...especially being able to look back and remember things.  I shall try to catch up a bit and stay there. :)  My biggest problem seems to be the ease of the iphone/Instagram.

My good friend from Minnesota and her daughter came to visit us in the desert in February when it was still beautiful.  Miss B and I took them to a fabulous spa in Scottsdale (with a superb Groupon deal) and got manicures and enjoyed feeling like the upper crust for the day.  We wandered around in our robes sipping copious amounts of prickly pear lemonade and lounging in the pools and waterfalls with our fancy lunch. It was epically glorious.  We even met the cutest older lady from Canada in the Eucalyptus Room.  She gave us sage advice on religion and life.  And because she is a psychologist, she told us a bit about what she saw in each of us.  It was really a special and unforgettable experience.

We also visited our favorite Boyce Thompson Arboretum, made flower crowns, had a picnic and wandered around taking photos and enjoying the scenery.  Many people stopped us as we walked the grounds, admiring our crowns.  The whole visit was full of laughs, stories and good food. I love great friends who I can be myself with and learn from and just enjoy.  And it is ten times more sweet when our kids get along as well.  I feel my girl is slipping through my fingers and I am trying my hardest to fit in as much quality time as I possibly can.  How did I get here??


Spay day at the Fairmont Princess


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    1. Those are my fave AZ places and your post is still coming up! Stay tuned. I'm on a blog comeback!

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