Monday, July 17, 2017

Prom Retakes and a Memory Card Mishap

For the first prom of the year, the kids were all dressed to kill and happy and excited (we had a little hair mishap with Miss B but fixed it in the end).  We set out to take pictures just as the sun was setting and snapped some great ones.  I was happy and sent them on their merry way...Miss B's date picking weeds and gnats out of her skirt as they went. forward a couple of nights and lo and behold, my card was corrupted and I couldn't get to the photos.  I wasn't too worried because it has happened before and I was able to recover them.  After HOURS of reading articles and trying different recovery programs and calling different companies however, I realized it was hopeless unless I wanted to spend $600 (which I didn't).  So.  I decided on retakes and hoped the kids would be up for it...which they were.  ALSO we got to use the sweet classic car they drove to prom in.  And they all went on a date after, so I guess it worked out in the end. But I was sick about it in the meantime.

A few tips for longer lasting memory cards are to eject them properly before yanking them out of the card reader and delete photos through the computer, not on your camera.  Trust me.


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